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Item List : "Shareholders"

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51. Letter and comments, dated 14 July 1992, from Allen Sykes.

Comments on the need for independent directors, institutional investors.

52. CBI response to the Cadbury Committee draft report on the financial aspects of corporate governance, PC 27 92, 20 July 1992.

Comments in detail on sections of the draft report, approving the self regulation approach, questioning statements of compliance requirement, commenting on the role of non-executive directors, remuneration, auditing and shareholders' role.

53. Letter, dated 28 July 1992, from McKenna & Co.

Letter covers enforcement of the code, the role of non-executive directors, separation of the roles of Chief Executive and Chairman, shareholders' role and that of the auditors with respect to fraud.

54. Letter, dated 29 July 1992, from Ewen Macpherson, 3i and findings from ukplc concerning the draft report.

Comments on board of directors, non-executive directors, audit committees, reporting and the involvement of shareholders.

55. Letter, dated 30 July 1992, from Mark Gifford-Gifford, Centre for Management Studies, University of Exeter.

Comments on the Terms of Reference and standards of practice in unlisted companies,in addition to specific points.

56. Letter, dated 31 July 1992, and comments from Stoy Hayward.

Comments on the draft report in detail on unified boards, separation of roles, board structures, non-executive directors, executive directors and directors' training. It also comments in some depth on audit committees, auditing, internal control systems and financial reporting.

57. Summary of responses by shareholders up to 14 August 1992.

Summarises reponses from 21 institutional and private shareholders.

58. Comments, dated 15 September 1992, from Roger Morton.

Comments on institutional shareholders, and shareholder voting and communication during takeover bids.

59. Letter, dated 17 September 1992, and paper on corporate governance and the private shareholder, from Derek H Broome.

Paper sets out a proposal to bring institutional and private shareholders together.

60. Letter, dated 22 October 1992, from Walter Stahr, US Securities and Exchange Commission and papers by Richard C Breeden and Lipton & Lorsch, plus fact sheets.

Includes papers on 'Shareholder communication and executive compensation' given at the open meeting of the SEC 15 October 1992, plus fact sheets on executive compensation disclosure and regulatory reform of communications among shareholders. Also includes Lipton and Lorsch 'Modest proposal for improved corporate governance, 20 Aug 1992.

61. Correspondence, dated 22 December 1992, between Sir Adrian Cadbury and IA Ziff, Stylo plc.

Ziff raises the issue of the significant delay between the market and the small shareholder receiving information.

63. Letter, 2 September 1994, from Paul Myners, Co-peration for the Long Term and survey questionnaire.

Letter accompanies a four-part questionnaire that looks at the relationship between British industry and institutional shareholders.

64. Correspondence with John Holland, November 1994, about financial institutions and their role in corporate governance.

Includes full text of paper, Self regulation and the financial aspects of corporate governance.

65. Letter, 19 January 1995 from Gina [Cole] with letter from Maurice Gillbrand, 28 October 1994.

Gina's letter comments on a Submission to the Commons select committee on employment and Maurice Gillbrand's proposal for a Shareholders' Advisory Committee. It also refers to an Evening Standard article which requires action.

66. Letter and comments, dated 27 July 1992, from Donald B Butcher, representing the UK Shareholders' Association.

Comments on and suggests approaches on various aspects of AGMs, creating two classes of non-executive directors. Butcher supports rotation of auditors.

68. Correspondence to and from Alan Diamond, March to July 1991.

Letters to and from Alan Diamond, including photocopies of those published in The Times and comments. Includes three unattributable pages entitled The counter proposals to arrest corporate greed, and handwritten notes presumably based on a meeting after 6 June 1991.

The Cadbury Archive at Cambridge Judge Business School consists of papers compiled and preserved by Sir Adrian Cadbury from his time as Chairman of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance.

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