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1. Extract from Country Casuals Annual reports 1992/3.

Extract outlines the role of non-executive directors and committees within the board of directors.

2. Draft memo, undated, to Company Secretaries of Listed and USM companies and all Yellow Book subscribers.

Advises all Stock Exchange-listed companies, USM companies and Yellow Book subscribers that they should report compliance with the Cadbury Code for the first financial report filed after 30 June 1993.

3. Publications on internal control, financial reporting, going concern and a survey of compliance.

These publications aim to provide background, guidance or give an overview of the response to the report.

5. Correspondence, February 1993, to the Committee Secretary from MB Sayers, Norton Rose and LC Ward, Dundas & Wilson and Hugh Collum, SnithKline Beecham.

Comments on: responsibilities of nominaton committees and their formation as standing or ad hoc committees; length of directors' contracts; guidance on access to independent professional advice.

6. Sections dealing with board performance from a Birmingham Midshires Building Society internal documentation.

Sections included are: Board performance reviews; Borad health check; Career resume.

7. Meeting of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance, 3 March 1993, CFACG(93)1st Meeting.

Consists of the agenda and supporting papers on monitoring the Committee's recommendations and the Code of Best Practice. Guidance to companies on interpretation of the report and code of best practice. The file also includes the agenda and supporting papers for sub-committee meeting held on 31 March 1993 and supporting papers, Terms of Reference, factors to consider when monitoring compliance, summaries of organisations known to have the capability to monitor compliance with the code and extracts from their work.

9. Letters, dated April and May 1993 and supporting papers.

Correspondence regarding corporate governance in private practice professional body and review of partnership board structure.

10. Letter, 12 May 1993, from Robert Creighton, Department of Health and handwritten notes on corporate governance and the NHS.

Includes table assessing the NHS with respect to the Cadbury Committee recommendations.

11. Implementing the recommendations of the Cadbury Committee, a survey by Coopers and Lybrand: June 1993.

Reports the results of a survey of reactions to the Cadbury recommendations. See context in CAD-02269.

12. Meeting of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance, 3 June 1993. CFACG(93)2nd Meeting.

Includes the agenda for the meeting and supporting papers on directors' pension contributions, non-executive directors contracts, going concern and financial reporting and the Stock Exchange implementation of the Cadbury Code. Also included is note of the key points arising from a meeting between Martin Scicluna, Martyn Jones and Sir Adrian Cadbury on 22 April 1993.

14. Correspondence with Mr Ross Goobey, June 1993 concerning directors' contracts.

Correspondence centres on 'somewhat fudge' remark by ARG in connection with Cadbury Committee and directors' contracts.

15. Letter, dated 2 July 1993, from Robert Charlesworth, including guidance on how auditors handle a statement of compliance with the Code of Best Practice and review interim reports.

There is draft guidance on compliance with the Code of Best Practice and also guidance on the topic issued in December 1993. In July 1993 the APB issued a draft for comment on reviewing interim financial information.

16. Letter, dated 23 August 1993, from Paul Richards, Institute of Investment Management and Research.

Letter comments on the confusion between executive/non-executive directors, their independence and how that is counted if they are also Chairman.

17. Letter, dated 3 September 1993, from Rosalind Gilmore, Building Societies Commission and a consultaion draft on corporate governance for building societies.

In addition to enclosing draft guidance on corporate governance for consultation, the letter asks if the proposed acknowledgement is acceptable.

19. Letter, dated 7 September 1993, from Dermot de Trafford, Institute of Directors.

Author sends his comments on agenda items for Committee meeting, namely, 1 - extending the Code to large private companies, including extending the Code to smaller listed companies and comments on terminology for executive and non-executive directors.

20. Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance, 9 September 1993 agenda and supporting papers.CFACG(93)3rd meeting

The file also includes a copy of CAD-01327. It seems the documents for the 9 September meeting were sent out with copies of Coopers & Lybrarnd report (CAD-01327), the Auditing Practices Board drafts 'Disclosure relating to corporate governance & interim financial, the Working Party on Internal Control document on guidance for directors information and accompanying letter.

21. Minutes of Committee meeting held on 9 September 1993.

Matters reported include extending the application of the Code to large private companies, and possible extension to smaller companies, progress of monitoring sub-committee and their work, rolling contracts, terminology for directors.

22. Typescript of a speech Effective boards, 16 September 1993.

Speech about effective boards in NHS, part of which seems to have been used for another meeting.

24. Letter, dated 1 October 1993, from Sir Timothy Harford.

Letter asks for Sir Adrian's help to lobby for consistent tax treatment of D & O insurance policies (applies to non-executive directors).

25. Letter, dated 25 October 1993, from Howard Davies and paper (C 66 93)on financial reporting and governance, endorsed by the CBI Council.

The paper sets out the many recent reforms in financial reporting and auditing practices. It supports the Cadbury proposals but calls for more coordination and consistency between the various bodies with a role in financial reporting and auditing.

26. Correspondence (September & November) with Eversheds (for Tolley's), and Theodore Goddard about the directors' responsibilities statements.

This refers to the wording in reports and accounts about Directors' responsibilities as mention in the Code of Best Practice. Also included is the text of an article for the Law Society's Gazette.

29. Corporate governance: who's calling the tune? Paper to the Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors.

This is the keynote address which summarises the Code of Best Practice and records a question and answer section, to the Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors.

30. Correspondence up 11 December 1992 with Gavin Burnett and David Lewis, Molyneux Estates.

Peace gives pointers concerning points raised: audit and remuneration committees and application of the Code to smaller companies.

31. Letter from Martin Chester, 20 December 1993, about article in Law Society Gazette.

The 3 November article in Law Society Gazette and its interpretation.

32. Letter, dated 31 December 1993, from JJ Goodman, Guarantee Equity & Management.

Concentrates on the experiences, including exposure to legal actions, of non-executive directors.

The Cadbury Archive at Cambridge Judge Business School consists of papers compiled and preserved by Sir Adrian Cadbury from his time as Chairman of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance.

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